Visit Spain with Android

movin’App is a company based in Spain and for this reason we have developed a useful app for all english speaking Android users planning to visit Spain this summer: ¡Hola! Spanish hand’App.

So, what is a hand’App??? Well…in 2011 tourists no longer want to carry the extra weight of several books, maps, etc, specially in summer ;) With your smartphone you have all of these and much more in one compact device. Why carry a tourist guide handbook when you can have similar information in a hand’App? :):):)
The application features several interesting features that may come very handy before and while visiting Spain.

Text-to-speech technology. If your Android device has a TTS engine installed, just click on any phrase or word and you will hear how to pronounce it in spanish.

Basic expressions for different situations during your journey: at the airport, courtesy phrases, telling the time…

Interesting facts and info including a list of Spain’s 17 regions tourism websites and toll-free emergency phone numbers.

5500+ word Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary…and what’s better, there is no need for an internet connection! We know data roaming rates are expensive discouraging the use of the excellent Google Translator. Of course, text-to-speech is also available with the dictionary.

Our aim is to make the application the definitive Spain tourism guide application for Android so before publishing it in Android Market, we were already preparing new features that will be included in future releases:

  • Spanish pronunciation
  • Must-visit places checklist with notes
  • History of Spain
  • Spanish gastronomy
  • Spanish culture

¡Hasta Luego!

Free Download @ Android Market   

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