Choose the right category

Some months ago we were excited about the release of a new Android for learning Spanish: ¡Hola!.
As opposed to other Spanish learning applications we extended it by adding an offline Spanish-English dictionary and useful facts about Spain. Our plan was to create a tourist guide for Spain visitors, what we called a “Hand’App”. However the application was a complete failure in terms of downloads, less than 1000 downloads in 3 months.
After investigating about the origins of such a low success, we noticed that although the application was meant for tourists, the application was more useful for Spanish learners. So we decided to change the Android section of the application from Travel to Learning. This simple action boosted the number of downloads more than expected. Just check the following download statistics. Amazing!

The moral of the story is: if you are an Android developer think about the best category for your app :)

¡Hola! @ Android Market   

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