How to become a Mobile Apps Developer

Did you ever think about becoming a mobile apps developer? What should you learn and do to acquire the necessary skills? Check out this amazing infographic by to answer these and other questions….and who knows? You may be part of our team in the future :)

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This is how I feel about buying apps…

Nice comic by the “The Oatmeal”. A picture is worth a thousand words…

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The Smart TV technology

Now that we are all familiar with Smartphones and Tablets, a new concept is starting get more hype: Smart TV. Many questions start arising about this technology so we have decided to give some answers: What’s a Smart TV? A Smart TV or Connected TV is either a television set with integrated Internet capabilities or […]

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Smartphone Moms

We recently stumbled upon this excellent info graphic by Life360. It shows in a very simple and funny way how moms are using smartphones. Enjoy :) Provided by

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Android pirates

Recently, we receveid a feedback email from a chinese user….nothing special except that all the message was in chinese and no one at movin’App speaks Chinese :) So using the fantastic Google Translate tool we found out that the subject was in fact the default one included in the feedback emails of our app “Quick […]

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Choose the right category

Some months ago we were excited about the release of a new Android for learning Spanish: ¡Hola!. As opposed to other Spanish learning applications we extended it by adding an offline Spanish-English dictionary and useful facts about Spain. Our plan was to create a tourist guide for Spain visitors, what we called a “Hand’App”. However […]

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Visit Spain with Android

movin’App is a company based in Spain and for this reason we have developed a useful app for all english speaking Android users planning to visit Spain this summer: ¡Hola! Spanish hand’App. So, what is a hand’App??? Well…in 2011 tourists no longer want to carry the extra weight of several books, maps, etc, specially in […]

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Talking Android

¿Do you remember Dr. Sbaitso? How funny was to chat with this electronic psycologist…he could respond to almost everything. But the most amazing was that your now archaic 286 CPU could speak! This was 20 years ago! At present, text to speech (TTS) engines are almost everywhere: GPS devices, translators, robots, …and of course, smartphones […]

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QR codes

I’m sure you have been wondering what those strange square images with black dots are. They are present in many mobile apps websites! Well, these are QR codes! QR stands for “Quick Response”. It’s a mobile phone/tablet readable barcode very popular in Japan. Currently it’s getting more and more used in the rest of the […]

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