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Recently, we receveid a feedback email from a chinese user….nothing special except that all the message was in chinese and no one at movin’App speaks Chinese :) So using the fantastic Google Translate tool we found out that the subject was in fact the default one included in the feedback emails of our app “Quick Note”…or “手机便笺”.
Intriguided about this, we starded a small research. A simple Google search returns thousands of results, all related to a chinese version of Quick Note! Wow…how is it possible? A chinese transalation of Quick Note…..impossible! Our apps have never been transalted to this language by us. Is there some kind of automatic translation tool for Android apps? That would be amazing! (Nice idea btw…) But no…there’s no such tool!

To solve this mystery we decided to download and install the application from one of the chinese Android portals…..and effectivelly, the app was not the original one! Before installing it, Android ask us to grant several permissions to the app including, for example, full access to the contacts agenda! None of these strange permissions are required by the original application. Definetelly, this is a fake copy of Quick Note and it’s most probably bundled with some kind of virus. As you may know, recently there have been some news about malicious Android apps detected in the official Android Market. Obviously, once detected, Google takes care of removing these apps from the Android Market and also remotely from your phone if you have them installed! (Yes! Google can uninstall any app from you phone remotelly)…but this chinese pirated app is completely out of reach for Google as it is not installed through Android Market. As an advice, never download any of our applications from unknown sources. At movin’App we only publish our Android apps in the official Google Android Market and in In case you have any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us ;)

Quick Note @ Android Market   
Quick Note @ AndroidPIT   

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